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December 20, 2010

“They” say that your income is the average of the five people that you spend the most time with (outside of your family).

This helps make my Grandad’s point when he often said: “If you must judge a man, do it by those around him”.

The thinking around this post is not driven by statistics. And, this is some what unusual for me. I’ll typically make my point with hard data to support them – all of them.

However, here, I’m making a statement that I believe is true. This belief is driven by instinct. And, I trust my instincts. I will be investigating my theory. But, in the meantime, your own gut will follow my position.

This may not make you part of the solution. But, it’s a start. A big part of our job should be making money. It’s okay to do that. Really. I’ll write you a note.

Brian Patrick Cork

employment agreements

November 15, 2010

The hearty and ferocious Atlanta-based attorney Justin Daniels has advised us that the Georgia amendment for the new non-compete law has passed.

This means that any new employment agreements with non-compete and non-solicit provisions will be interpreted under the new law while the existing executed employment and partnership agreements will be interpreted under the old law.

This new law from his initial review is much more employer friendly and may present the opportunity to revise existing employment agreements in a fashion that is more favorable to employers.

This will also impact the founders of our Accelerator (startups) clients who leave established companies to strike out on their own who may find themselves in likely litigation under this new law.

Justin is thoroughly familiarizing himself with this law.

Let’s be part of the Solution.

Brian Patrick Cork

reasonable questions: #12

October 25, 2010

Young padawan Jenny Chang asked:

“In your opinion, what do you think it takes to be world-class in something besides just raw talent and an excellent work ethic?”

That’s a fair question from a young and likely frustrated emerging executive today that faces enormous uncertainty due to a lack of mentorship. Especially in an economy that has four separate generations knife-fighting for the same jobs

My response:

“A careful development of Subject Matter Expertise (SME).

Thought Leadership is always valued. But, what drives that is a keen ability to point to a target and kill it with flair. So, identifying a passion for a subject; immersing yourself in it; and, becoming a definable expert through research, application and acknowledgment is the best path to sustained success.”

Let’s be part of the solution.

Brian Patrick Cork


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